Zombie Love

© Richard Goldman, 2011

Went to a graveyard the other night
to visit a couple of friends
Had a few matters to ponder
But here's where the typical story ends

You see, I'd only intended to pay my respects
then – out of the blue, I'm face to face with my ex
Zombie Love – a love no one ever expects

But we've got a kind of a zombie love
Just when you think that it's dead
The old soulful stirring comes crawling
Something you just can't get out of your head

You're no good together but you can't be apart
Go get a crossbow – put a stake through my heart
Zombie Love – a love that you never should start

Went to a party the other night
to hang with a couple of friends
Thought that perhaps I'd get stupid
The kind of mood where you don't want
to be at loose ends

You see, I'd only intended to drown in my drink
Don't throw me a rope, 'cause I just want to sink
Zombie Love – and then I started to think

I think that we've got a kind of a zombie love …

Must've been dreaming the other night
Surrounded by family & friends
Lying so still in the middle
The kind of consequence no one intends

My words can't be heard tho' I'm shouting out loud
I just want some quiet, please get rid of this crowd
Zombie Love – a love far more bitter than proud

I'm singing a song about zombie love …