© Richard Goldman, 2005

Unconditional love -- my wife, our son, the puppy
Unconditional love -- it keeps me going strong
An unconditional smiling face
A tender kiss -- a warm embrace
A gift from Heaven above
Unconditional love

But unconditional sin -- the booze, the pills, the women
Unconditional sin -- is tugging oh so strong
Now Pride, Anger, Envy & Sloth are a bore
But Lust, Greed & Gluttony -- I want more
I fear I'm 'bout to give in
To unconditional sin

Demons & angels duking it out
The final outcome ever in doubt
One drink too many, living the life
Then home to my dear unconditional wife

This unconditional life -- the sorrow and the splendor
We're on the edge of a knife -- but still we're going strong
So pass me the bottle; I just want to play
We may pay tomorrow, but let's live today

Forget your struggle & strife -- they're unconditional
Just me, my boy & my wife
It's quite tradtional
If unoriginal
This unconditional life