© Richard Goldman, 2008

Life on the street
And evidently not thinking clearly
Dead on his feet -- but doesn't yet know

People you meet
Tell stories that cost them dearly
Down in defeat -- nowhere to go

Out in the street
Seemingly random violence
Life is replete -- with stories of woe

A sudden retreat
The sirens and then the silence
Heart skips a beat -- food for the crow

But somehow we beg or borrow
The means to defer the sorrow
The sun brings a new tomorrow
As onward we go

So maybe just one more drink
Just enough to provide some insight
Keep the demons at bay 'til daylight
On with the show

Time on the street
Is time unlike any other
Feet aren't as fleet -- as in days long ago

The crimes you repeat
Not something to tell your mother
The government suite -- a welcome hello

- refrain -

It's a nasty word -- addiction
Madness a safe prediction
What you thought was a dress rehearsal
Has now turned into role reversal

Back on the street
A day much like any other
Can't feel your feet -- at twenty below

Searching for heat
Beside a man that you now call brother
Taking your seat -- enjoying the show

- refrain -