© Richard Goldman, 2008

... a fickle public, sick republic ...

Nothing succeeds quite as well as success
Self-evident, sure, but it's true
Time to dig out of this unholy mess
Clean up the red, white & blue

A slight reprieve from the folks who repress
So many standing in awe
What happens next really anyone's guess
But I still can't believe what I saw
(I saw a...)

A fickle public, a sick republic
To the victor go the spoiled
A fickle public, sick republic
Tiger in a corner tightly coiled

Hate's on the run, clutching bible and gun
Tho' I'd not count it out of the game
Time's gonna tell if the old regime's done
Or we're just in for more of the same
'cause it's a fickle public, a sick republic

Nothing exceeds quite like wretched excess
Greed's still as strong as it's been
Find me a preacher or priest who can bless
this religion riddled with sin

Nothing recedes with the House in recess
Floodwater's still gotta rise
Couldn't care less about freedom of press
When the debt's climbing up past your eyes
(Might drown a ...)