Cupid Shot Himself in the Foot

© Richard Goldman, 2007

Cupid shot himself in the foot
Not a very clever thing to do
With Valentine's Day just around the corner
Cherub's got himself a case of lovesick flu

Careless with the arrow, off the straight & narrow
Like a drunken sailor whose furlough's just come through
My Valentine's Day plans are now kaput
'Cause cupid shot himself in the foot

Cupid shot himself in the butt
It really shouldn't come as a surprise
Giving arrows to an infant
A little thing that isn't even less than half your size

I just can't stand it -- don't know who planned it
The folks in charge are in disguise
My love life's been in such a rut
Since cupid shot himself in the butt

I ain't complaining -- the boy needs training
Any skilled Olympian will do
I need an archer -- one who will march her
Right into my arms and let the lovin' start anew

So, come on Cupid, ply your trade
It really isn't difficult to see
There is a lady that I've fallen for
I'd like to think with just a little push she'd fall for me

Carefree abandon, is what I've planned on
Until the cock crows, and the sunlight's streaming through
So, like Sam Cooke sang from the start:

Cupid, draw back your bow

And let your arrow go

Right to my girl
Give it a whirl
And help me capture her heart