a Counting Primer

© Richard Goldman, 2005

Love comes and goes without ever a fall
and all the King's horses won't bring the girl back
So lift up your glasses to one and to all
And open another bottle of Jack

Conventional wisdom's increasingly rare
A soothing illusion that few can behold
But all you know now is that none can compare
She glitters more brightly than diamonds or gold

And it's a-one -- two -- a three-alarm fire
A half-empty shotglass refilled much too soon
Four -- five -- a six-pack of lager
And nearer my God to the man in the moon
Nearer my God -- to the man in the moon

You've read the good book from the north to the south
And clearly you're thankful for all that you've got
But still you're drawn back to the curves of her mouth
And I could go on -- but better had not

'Cause passion extinguished still sears in the night
An iron on fire that time turns to rust
But now you think only of holding her tight
So sleep when you can -- and dream if you must

And it's a-one -- two -- a three-alarm fire
a half-empty shotglass you long to refill
Four -- Five -- a six-clock shadow
The lady seems just like Cruella DeVille
(and if she doesn't get you, no evil thing will)

Our hero may struggle, our hero feels pain
He slips and he falters -- falls to the earth
But never, not once, does our hero complain
So drink to redemption, and drink to rebirth

For it's one -- two -- and what else remains?
The father, the son, and a ghost full of holes
Four, five -- the morning draws near
Let's lift up our voices and sing to old souls
Lift up our voices and sing ...