Music Soothes

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© Richard Goldman, 2009

'Music soothes the savage', or at least that's what they say
Tho' I'll admit that music's been a god to whom I pray
Music soothes the savage, and some know it to be true
It can make you laugh or weep, or ease the turning of the screw

So play on, maestro, in clear & powerful voice
Strings, percussion, horns or keys -- no matter what the choice
And don't forget the poet who, by candle through the night
Channels pure & perfect sentiment with words that weigh just right (just right ... )

Music soothes the savage, and it brought you to my side
But when love began to falter, it just couldn't stop the slide

Music soothes the savage with a myriad of charms
Tho' I'd give them all if I could hold you once more in my arms

So play on, maestro, in sad & mournful voice
Any time of day or night -- so nice to have a choice
And keep in mind the poet, playing heartstrings with a pen
Let the unrequited captive find some freedom now & then

Set me free -- on a path with no illusion of control
Wash me clean -- let me bathe in waves of sound that leave me whole

'Music soothes the savage', I have often heard it said
But small comfort that'll bring, if you've been stabbed & left for dead
Music soothes the savage, as the boy drifts off to sleep
With sweet dreams of tomorrow -- his breathing strong and deep

So play on, maestro, in soft and gentle voice
The hour's late, the moon's on high -- there's time now to rejoice
And revel with the poet, finding refuge in a song
As you join the boy in dreamland 'til the morning comes along (come along ... )