Back on the Highway
(recording pending)


Another morning feeling tired & worn, might’ve had one too many last night

But life on the road’s not the heaviest load if you know how to play your cards right

It seems famine or feast is the name of the beast, Gotta save for when pickings get slim

When opportunity knocks you can replenish your stocks then it’s

Back on the highway again


I know a woman in my home town who's as crazy as crazy can be

She's not the greatest at loving – but she gives away samples for free

Well I was riding through town with the sun going down, caught her silhouette there at the light

A quick bump & grind with our limbs intertwined an I was

Back on the highway that night


Got no call for religion – saying death is the wages of sin

Because, as far as I know, we've just one kick at this show

It's near over before we begin


I don't care how much that you've got to spend; there are some things that money can't right

You choices are death or dishonour – you won't buy your way out of this fight

Because a sinner's a saint with a new coat of paint, but the same basic person within

So kindly fill up my glass, tonight it's strictly first class, 'til it's

Back on the highway again


© Richard Goldman 2017